The Blackbirch Series

Welcome to Blackbirch. It’s a place no one forgets. Except for Josh Taylor.

Struggling with the loss of his parents, seventeen-year-old Josh Taylor returns to Blackbirch, a small town steeped in a history of witchcraft. Amongst forgotten friends and a life he’s trying to rebuild, he’s haunted by nightmares where a girl named Kallie reveals a shared magic in their veins, and a warning for Josh to run from those who seek to find it.

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Book One – The Beginning

Blackbirch The Beginning Paperback and Ebook
Book Two – The Dark Half

Blackbirch: The Dark Half Ebook and Paperback

Goodreads Reviews

“I devoured this book! The intrigue grabs you from page one, and this air of mystery and magic carries throughout the whole story.”
(Blackbirch: The Beginning)


“K.M. Allan has a great YA voice and there is always plenty of action. All the twists and turns kept me guessing and I loved the cliff hanger ending.
(Blackbirch: The Dark Half)