Blackbirch: The Ritual

Blackbirch: The Ritual (Book 3)

After the devastating events at The Playhouse, Josh is once again grieving. Unwilling to put Sarah and Max in more danger, he vows to deepen his abilities alone and stop the mysterious threat Kallie warned was coming. But his powers aren’t as strong as they once were.

Something is siphoning his magick, and he doesn’t know where to turn. Can he have faith in Eve after her sudden reappearance? Or should he side with Sheriff Stevens, whose help comes with secrets the lawman isn’t prepared to reveal?

When Josh is faced with enemies—both old and new—he has a choice to make: fight the one who threatens to take everything from him, or put his trust in an enemy who promises to cast a ritual that will give everything back.


“K.M. Allan has done such a wonderful job with this third installment of the Blackbirch series. The story rips along at a rapid pace.

“Blackbirch: The Ritual, is fast-paced, action-packed and is full of other-worldly intrigue and real-life secrets.

“K.M. Allan has a talent for fast-paced story telling with twists and payoffs, feeling that need to read “just one more chapter” as you stay up late to finish.”

“I’ve come to expect great storytelling from K.M. Allan. And Blackbirch: The Ritual, the third in the Blackbirch series, did not disappoint.”

“This was a terrific read. One twist after another exploding in a cliffhanger ending. Wow!”

“What I have enjoyed the most about all these books is how much you can tell the author loves the world she has so lovingly and intricately created.”

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