3 Tips To Kick-Start Your Blog Post Ideas

Whether you’ve been blogging for years or only a few weeks, there’s always a point when you will sit at your desk, laptop open/computer screen on, and you’ll have absolutely no idea what to write.

Maybe you’ve already covered the topics you wanted to and don’t know where to go next. Or maybe every idea just doesn’t make it past an initial paragraph. You want to write, you’re just unsure what to say or are having trouble putting it into words that make sense to anyone but you.

It happens to even the most prolific of us, but here are a few tips you can try to get the ideas rolling again.

3 Tips To Kick-Start Your Blog Post Ideas

Look At What Content You’re Missing

Even regular bloggers have topics they’ve missed over the years or haven’t covered in a while that might need an update as they’ve learned new things.

If you’re stuck for post ideas, look at what content you have covered in the last year or two, or even as far back as the start of your blog, and see if there’s content you’re missing.

Sometimes we had grand plans of writing about something particular, but never got to it, or didn’t feel we knew enough about it. Look back at any notes or ideas you made that you haven’t taken further and see if you can address the topic now.

Another suggestion is to check if there are any topics you talk about but haven’t covered in a singular post. For example, you might often mention conflict being an excellent addition to any story but haven’t written a specific post about it.

The content you’re missing might just be what’s needed to fill the gaps when you’re struggling for new ideas.

Study The Content That Has Worked In The Past

If you’ve been blogging regularly for longer than six months, chances are you had a period where you were producing your best content. The ideas were flowing; the posts were getting good feedback, and you were at your creative peak.

You then discovered what bloggers who’ve been around for years have: those peaks ebb and flow. You’re most likely in an ebb right now, so go back to when things were flowing and look at what content worked well in the past.

Were you a little more inspired with your words? Did your posts have some fun about them? Were you covering topics that were just as interesting for you as they were for your readers? Look at what made those posts such a joy to write, and see if you can re-capture that glory.

Get More Mileage Out Of Your Ideas

Sometimes when writing a post, it might start out as one thing, but then go in another direction. This means you didn’t cover what you intended to, but that is a good thing because now you can, giving you another piece of content!

Or you could find your post has become longer than most as multiple ideas came together as you were writing. When this happens, check to see if you can use the abundant creativity to your advantage and spit the idea into separate posts.

So, instead of covering scenes and scene sequels in one post, write a post covering just scenes and another one discussing just the scene sequels. If there is a way to get multiple pieces of good content (and this goes for good content, not just splitting ideas for the sake of it), try it!

See how much mileage and separate blog posts you can create. You could end up giving more depth to a topic when writing about it separately than if it was a few paragraphs in another topic—which is always a win.

When you combine that kind of win with studying your past content and looking at what topics you haven’t covered yet, you should kick-start your ideas and end up with plenty of new blog posts.

— K.M. Allan

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14 thoughts on “3 Tips To Kick-Start Your Blog Post Ideas

  1. Lol I totally get the ‘start off in one direction and head off in another’ part. As a pantser, that’s basically my writing life in general. Weirdly enough, the original idea loses its lustre, and I totally forgo it entirely when I’m done with my ‘new’ post.

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  2. When I get an idea for a post but don’t want to write it immediately, I start a New Post and sketch out the idea in a couple of sentences. I have a bunch of these proto-posts in my Drafts. When I’m stuck for a post idea, I check those draft idea posts and often find one that I’m happy to flesh out.

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    1. What a great way to keep track of your ideas, Audrey 😀. Thanks for sharing your tip. I keep similar notes in Scrivener and have some ideas from years ago I still haven’t gotten back to yet. One day I’d like to 🤞🏻. It’s all about trying to find the time.

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