February 2022 Roundup

Welcome to the February 2022 roundup!

I know I always say every month goes fast, but being only 28 days, this February really did!

The first few days were spent with my evil twin before she headed home again, then it was straight back into my writing routine so I can hopefully finally publish another book this year. I am (not so) secretly aiming for two books, but that was 2021’s goal too, and it didn’t happen. I am making progress, though, and that’s really the only thing I can control for now.

I hope whatever goals you’re aiming for this year are also moving ahead. Below is what else I’ve been up to for the second month of 2022…

What I’ve Been…


Blackbirch 3 – As has been the case of the last few months, a month of endless editing on draft 10 has been and gone. I was hoping to have the MS ready for another round of beta readers (my 3rd) by mid-Feb and then the end of Feb, and none of that eventuated. Ever the optimist, I’m now aiming for the end of March.

I did add numerous words to the 5 new scenes needed. Now it’s a case of changing events in existing chapters and then making sure the new changes I made (which were significant) haven’t created plot holes anywhere. I also need to comb through the completed chapters to remove references to events that have changed/been deleted, etc. Fun times!


One Of Us Is Lying – I’ve been meaning to watch this TV adaption (and read the books) forever! While my sister was here at the start of the month, we watched it together and really enjoyed it. It starts with a homage to the 80s movie classic, The Breakfast Club, where five teens end up in detention. What they don’t know is that they were hand-picked by one of them to take the fall for murder. There are twists and turns galore as they try to work out who has set them up and is still stalking them.

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window – I know this dark comedy starring Kristen Bell was supposed to be a parody of The Girl On The Train etc, but it just wasn’t funny. It was played too serious at times, and then not enough when it came to the backstory of how Bell’s character became a childless divorcee who becomes obsessed with the new couple across the street. While it’s a quick series and over in four hours, it’s not worth the time.

Wolf Like Me – Another quick series, but one that is worth a look, is Wolf Like Me. It stars Isla Fisher and Josh Gad as two widowers who meet during a car accident. Although their first impression isn’t great, they keep running into each other, and eventually, Gary (Gad) learns Mary’s (Fisher) supernatural secret and has to decide if it’s the kind of life he and his 11-year-old daughter want to be part of.

A Sunrise Over Bali by Sandy Barker – The fourth book in the #HolidayRomance series centers on Jaelee Tan. While on a sabbatical in Bali to escape a fight with a friend and to get over a broken heart, Jaelee quits her successful PR job and then needs to decide what to do with her life. There’s also the matter of fellow traveler, Alistair. He’s been dealing with a long-term relationship breakdown and a family health emergency and might be just who Jaelee’s been looking for. While there’s the obvious romance factor of this story, I really enjoyed the friendships Jaelee formed with the people she met in Bali and how they helped her find a new career path. There was also an added layer of family drama and dynamics, both for Jaelee and Alistair, which lifted the story for me and held my interest. As is usual for Sandy Barker’s books, the descriptions of the settings and food will have you inspired to book an overseas trip. Recommended for adventurous lovers of romance stories.

If you’ve got any good recommendations, let me know in the comments, or be my friend on Goodreads and share your books/recommendations with me!

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Taking Photos Of

Early morning and evening skies. The last days of summer have been putting on some awesome sunrises and sunsets.

On The Blog…

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Blackbirch Teaser Of The Month…

I’ve been a bit slack with promoting my books on social media, so I’ve brought snippets and reviews back to my feeds. This teaser comes courtesy of Blackbirch: The Beginning and centers on the strange dreams Josh Taylor begins to experience that lead to the discovery of the magick in his veins.

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Quote Of The Month…

I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed my February Roundup. Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments!

— K.M. Allan

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17 thoughts on “February 2022 Roundup

  1. “The woman in the house…” I laughed at the title and so I checked out the trailer – did not like it one bit. Then, I put on the first episode and watched it for like 10 minutes… did not like it at all. It was very disappointing.

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    1. It was so terribly bad! At the end of every episode, my sister and I debated continuing. We had nothing else to do so we just kept watching. Now I tell everyone I can to stay away from it. I haven’t watched something so disappointing in a long time. It just didn’t seem to know what kind of show it wanted to be.

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      1. “It just didn’t seem to know what kind of show it wanted to be.” That’s exactly what I got out of my encounter with it.

        It’s not easy to find something really good to watch recently. It’s either so much fun stuff all at once or nothing at all. I find it tedious to browse for things that MIGHT be worth watching. There’s just so much content out there…

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    1. Thanks, Alexander 😊. My next two are books 3 and 4 in my series. They wrap the Blackbirch story up and I have them written and the plots worked out, it’s just the editing and getting them to a finished level that is taking so long. After they’re done, I’ve got to find something new to work on, which is both exciting and terrifying.

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      1. I know what you mean! I have so many projects I’m dying to work on, but I actually have two series going, keeping me locked in for the next couple of years. I so wish I was retired already so I had more time to create. Meanwhile I plod along. Pick something you will enjoy or you may get tired of it before your readers do!

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    1. It zoomed by so fast! I really enjoyed One Of Us… and it kept me guessing. My sister bought the audio book after and told me about some of the differences between the book and the show. There will be a season 2 and I’m undecided about reading the books and spoiling the show, or waiting for the show and then reading the books later.

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      1. True, there wre moments where I was wondering whether I’ve already made a change, or whether it’s planned, until I read that chapter. Sometimes, I was surprised to find out I’ve actually wrote a draft containing a change I believed was only “considered” for now…

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