Thoughts That Run Through Your Head When You Release A Second Book

As all writers know, we’re equipped with a little voice in our heads that likes to cheer us on, fill us with self-doubt, put the “I” in Impostor Syndrome, and occasionally help us come up with a brilliant plot twist.

That little inner critic also likes to raise its voice when we complete a writing milestone, weighing in on what we did and didn’t do.

Right on cue, after releasing my second book into the world, my inner critic was back!

Fresh off such thoughts as Reading Your Book: Things That Run Through Your Head and Thoughts That Run Through Your Head Now You’re A Published Author, it and I bring you…

Thoughts That Run Through Your Head When You Release A Second Book

  • Okay. I thought this would be easier the second time around, but it’s really not.
  • Did they change how to self-publish books? Because I swear, I didn’t have to fill in this many fields last time.
  • What is metadata again?
  • What book size, paper color, and finish did I pick last time?
  • Why won’t Word let me start page numbers on the 4th page?
  • Where did my Word headers go?
  • Why are all my Word footers missing from page 16 onward?
  • Where is every link and graphic I’ve ever put on my blog, so I can now update it all with second book stuff?
  • Here’s another book other people will read. People I don’t know.
  • Is it as good as the first book for those who liked the first book?
  • Is it better than the first book for those who didn’t like the first book?
  • What if no one likes it at all?
  • What if no one buys it?
  • What if the first book selling any copy was a fluke?
  • If it fails to sell, is it because no one is interested, or because of what coronavirus has done to the world?
  • I’ll just convince myself it’s because no one is interested.
  • Should I read it one more time before release, even though I’ve read it more times than anything else in my life?
  • What if there’s a plot hole I missed?
  • What if there’s a typo I missed?
  • There’s a typo. I’m sure there is. Because last time I thought there were no typos and there were.
  • Other people will read this!
  • People I don’t know will read this.
  • People I do know will read this!
  • I got good reviews with the last book, and what goes up…
  • People have expectations now!
  • What if the story doesn’t meet expectations?
  • I’ll have two books out. Two!
  • I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting to do something.
  • What if someone buys book 2, not realizing there’s a book 1?
  • Did I reference the events in the first book enough in case that happens?
  • Maybe I should read it one more time?
  • Why did I choose now to give up chocolate?
  • I need to go and buy chocolate!
  • I can’t leave the house because we’re on lockdown. I need to buy chocolate online!
  • Why are the book listings taking so long to appear? It seemed super quick last time.
  • Are my pre-order/release posts too spammy?
  • Now I need to finish writing book 3.
  • Is that the delivery guy with my chocolate?

If you’ve released a second book, what went through your mind? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to know I’m not alone in my irrational writer thoughts!

— K.M. Allan

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32 thoughts on “Thoughts That Run Through Your Head When You Release A Second Book

  1. Annie Chiappetta

    Hi, I lol while reading. Yes, every time a new book is published, the list begins again. You are not alone, and along with the chocolate is ice cream. Thanks for stating what it means to write and share it with the world.

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  2. You are way ahead of me on the publishing front, so kudos to you. Plus, I’m very impressed to see book no.2 appear so quickly after book no.1.
    These all seem like valid questions. I laughed as I read to them because otherwise, I would have ripped all my head out. It rings so true.

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  3. hahhaha. don’t forget to buy the salt chips to balance the sugar coma.
    When my second book was published, before all the self-doubt, I pat myself on the back and said, “see, the first time wasn’t a fluke” and then I wondered, can I do it again, or was those two times an anomaly? I’m on the fifth now, and I still go through the patting and all that you listed here. I guess it’s an ongoing cycle.

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  4. Well, it seems some doubts never really leave, while other questions arise. I’m curious how I’ll react to the release of my book (as I hope to be less than 3 months away) – and maybe I’ll come back then and see how different (or not) my reaction was.
    Either way, I guess we writers should try our best to enjoy the journey. Best luck on yours, wherever it leads next.

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  5. Congrats Kate! You left out all the fun of marketing the book, now that it’s been released. I’m getting ready to publish book #8, and the marketing just gets more complicated as you add books!

    BTW – check out Draft2Digital. Create an account for yourself and take advantage of all their free tools. Formatting the book with them is SO MUCH easier, and they allow you create free MOBI, EPUB, and PDF files whenever you want – even if you don’t use them to distribute your books. Very cool and handy. I simply take the MOBI file they create for me and upload it to Amazon instead of going thorough their process. Haven’t had a lick of trouble and the various files are great for sending to beta readers or ARC readers or to give away. Perfect!

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    1. Thanks, Alexander! I have used D2D in the past and played around with it a lot for my first book release, but could never get the spacing to look how I wanted. Congrats on book #8! I’d like to know what you’re doing if you think marketing is fun 🤣. Mostly I’m just worried I’m annoying people when I market my books.

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      1. I can understand your concern, especially if you have a newsletter and social media accounts. I think I read somewhere that most people don’t respond to something until the seventh exposure. I think you are probably OK! The only fun part of marketing is the results. Everything else is torture.

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  6. In a way it was easier for me that I started with non-fiction. My second book was first of a five book series, so you can add wondering what madness made me commit to a series to the list!

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    1. 🤣 considering my books are part of a 4 book series, I can’t believe I didn’t think to add “series madness” to the list! I’ll remember that for book 3’s release.


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