4 Fun Things To Do With The Author Copy Of Your Book

This week I received the author copy of my next book, Blackbirch: The Dark Half.

As this is only the second book I’ve had published, it was still a thrill, although I can’t imagine any writer getting bored with a box of their own books arriving on their doorstep. After all, it’s years of hard work transformed into paper and ink that you can hold in your hands!

It’s a milestone all writers want to reach and here are some things you can do once you have…

4 Fun Things To Do With The Author Copy of Your Book

1. Film The Unboxing

4 Fun Things To Do With The Author Copy of Your Book-1

I have yet to do this because I always forget, but I’ve seen lots of authors post videos and their joy at seeing their MS in book form for the first time is clear. I have taken pictures when I’ve unboxed my books, though, but mostly because my cat, Dash, likes to inspect all boxes that come in and out of his house (you can see how much he’s grown in the 5 months between my book releases!).

If you get the chance, I recommend commemorating the event in video or photo form, even if you never upload it anywhere or show anyone.

2. Have A Photo Shoot

4 Fun Things To Do With The Author Copy of Your Book-2

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I love to take pictures! When I got the author copy of my first book, I took it to a relative’s house and made use of their gorgeous backyard. Now that my state is back in lockdown, I had to make use of my backyard for book 2 and snap some photos before the rainy winter weather soaked my garden. It’s a nice way to celebrate getting your book, and I can also use the pictures in marketing/social media graphics, so it’s win-win.

You don’t need a fancy camera; I take all my photos on my iPhone. Just find some color that’ll look great in the background, learn how to keep your book propped upright (which is much harder than you think), and snap away!

3. Read It!

4 Fun Things To Do With The Author Copy of Your Book-3

Okay, so by the time you get your author copy, you’re probably so sick of reading the words in it that you don’t even want to open the cover. But what you’ve never done before is read your book as an actual book!

There’s nothing like looking at your words on book-bound paper and feeling like the reader rather than the writer. Grab yourself a cup of tea, a comfy blanket, a place to sit, and enjoy reading your tome. You’ve worked hard for it.

4. Place It On Your Bookshelf

4 Fun Things To Do With The Author Copy of Your Book-4

Is there a more perfect way to end the journey of your book than to see it on your bookshelf?

I put my books on my writing desk amongst the hardbacks of my favorite author, and it’s so inspiring to look up from my laptop screen and see them there. Now that there’s two out of four and I can see the spines of my series matching up, it makes me want to work faster on books 3 and 4 so they can join 1 and 2.

After you’ve unboxed, taken photos, and read your book, find a special spot on your bookshelf, writing desk, or anywhere else in your home. Your book deserves a permanent place where you can see it and remind yourself of how far you’ve come since typing that first sentence.

What’s your favorite thing to do with copies of your book? Or what will you do when you have a copy in your hand? Share your ideas in the comments, I’d love to know what they are!

— K.M. Allan

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33 thoughts on “4 Fun Things To Do With The Author Copy Of Your Book

    1. I’m looking forward to getting the paperbacks of your books too. They’ll look gorgeous on my bookshelf next to your first book and the plant you gave me, which I haven’t managed to kill 😊. I did have to put it in a high shelf to keep my assistant from eating it, though 😅.

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  1. Ruth Miranda

    I tend to annotate all over my author copy, because I always do a final edit on it. Some times I play around with the idea of using it as tinder, but seeing I don’t have a fireplace, I push the idea back LOL. I do take photos, most of the times, but after I’m done with the final reread and edit, I simply hide it away in the back of my shelves.

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  2. I never thought of filming the unboxing. As I analyze it now, I think it’s because of 2 things.
    1. I think it’s a very intimate moment.
    2. You experience the joy in a smaller way when you focus on filming.
    At least those are my thoughts.
    A photoshoot is definitely a must.
    Reading it like a real book is, too. It makes you SO proud to do so.
    And then putting it on the shelf? You’re cementing in the fact that it’s real.

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    1. It definitely feels real when you do all these things. Putting the book amongst books I love also really brings it home that I have a published book. It was something I dreamed of growing up and reading those books, so to have something next to them with my name on it is so surreal.

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  3. Some day I plan to set up my books for print on demand. Can’t wait to try your suggestions! There’s one more thing I want to do with some of them, though. Give away signed copies to my most faithful beta readers, who also love actual print books. Cool!

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    1. I gave signed paperbacks to the betas of my first published book because they helped me so much. It’s definitely a great thing to be able to do, and I’m sure you’ll love doing it when you get the chance 😊.

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  4. I guessed green for book 3 too. 💚

    I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to see your books on your shelf. Dash makes a worth companion for them in the photos. I can’t wait to order my copy! ❤️💙💚

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