A Holiday Gift Guide For The Writer In Your Life

If you’re wondering what gifts to get the writer in your life for Christmas, wonder no more!

Keeping us writers happy doesn’t take much effort. All we want is a million-dollar book deal, a Hollywood movie option, and all the awards—or at very least, the contact for a good agent.

But we know asking for all of that is stretching the limits of a Christmas miracle, and our overactive imaginations, so we’ll settle for some simple gifts instead, such as…

Lots Of Liquids

Writers are powered by tea and coffee, so we require lots of it. Luckily, at Christmas time, there’s plenty in fancy packaging and gift cards available. It’s even more cheerful when there’s a cool mug involved, so if you happen to see one, know that a writer will never turn their nose up at another mug—even when we have a cupboard full of them.


Another writer essential we can never have too much of are notebooks. You can get them in every color of the rainbow now, and with beautiful, funny, or classic-looking covers.

Teaming it with a pen is even better, giving us the option of writing in it when ideas strike, or just having a nice pen and notebook to look at when we can’t bring ourselves to spoil the notebook’s beautiful pages.

A Visit To The Bookstore

In the days of online ordering, it’s nice to go to an actual bookstore and look at physical things before buying them, and the writer in your life will appreciate such a trip.

It will also get them away from their desk and into the outside world. You could even go the extra mile and make a day of it, pairing a trip to the bookstore with a lunch out at a nice cafe or restaurant.

Writer Snacks

Writer’s need fuel when writing at the keyboard for hours on end, or rewards for editing a particularly painstaking chapter, so snacks are a must.

Chocolate is a favorite go-to, as is unwrapped candy that can be tossed into the month between paragraphs. Writer’s also like cookies to go with their tea and coffee, and Christmas is the perfect time to pick some up in a beautiful keepsake tin.

Desk Decorations

All of that writing gets done somewhere, usually at a desk or writing spot the writer has carved out in their home. A great gift idea is a decoration for that space, such as an inspiring print, a notice board, a plant, penholder, or cool looking bookends.

Buys And Reviews

If the writer in your life has everything they need to drink, eat, and make their desk fancy, considering giving them something all published writers want—the support of a bought book, and a review.

If you haven’t got yourself a copy of their works, buy it, or gift it to someone, and leave a review.

Reviews cost nothing but the time to write one sentence saying you enjoyed your read, and it means so much to an author to get a review. It helps gain more notice for their work and leaves them with a warm feeling inside, which is what Christmas is all about.


My final gift suggestion is another that won’t cost much but makes a great impact on your writer. Give them the gift of time.

The ability to write in peace, even if it’s just one afternoon, is priceless. Christmas is busy and writer-guilt is strong, giving a writer the chance to spend some distraction-free hours putting down words is one of the best gifts you can bestow.

By giving these gifts to your writer you’ll help them refill their creative well. A happy writer is a productive writer—and one who won’t write you into their novel so they can kill you.

Happy holidays!

— K.M. Allan

26 thoughts on “A Holiday Gift Guide For The Writer In Your Life

  1. Loved the list …. bookmarkers are also great gifts to go with books, or a meal in a book themed restaurant … even booked themed hotels … I love receiving books and have collected notebooks, pens and book markers from everywhere I travel, can never have too many. Now on to read your other blogs now ..

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    1. Ooh, I didn’t even think of bookmarks, will have to keep that in mind for next year’s post 😅. Thanks for the suggestion and for reading. I hope you enjoy my other posts.


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