2017 Blog Roundup

As 2017 comes to a close, this week’s blog post will be a roundup of the blogs that I enjoyed writing, the ones that you guys enjoyed reading (based on views and likes), and a shout out to some of the great blogs that I’ve discovered this year.

My Favorite Blogs

The Art Of Not Writing – This was so much fun to write, and may or may not be an exact description of my day.

After Careful Consideration… – A chronicle of the first writing rejection that I ever received.

Four Things to Accept Now That You’re A Writer – Seems that you guys also relate to the slumps and endless drafts, because this blog was also #2 on the top blogs liked by you!

When Do You Not Feel Like a Fraud? – Impostor syndrome reared its ugly head when I joined a book club earlier this year, and this blog post was the result.

Your Favorite Blogs

Editing Hacks: How to Read Your Work With Fresh Eyes – You guys left some fantastic hacks of your own in the comments.

Writer Envy: Do’s and Don’ts – It’s a real condition.

5 Tips For Successful Proofreading – My last blog post, and right up there with one of the most popular that I’ve posted.

The Lessons I learned After Writing Four Books – Typos and repeated words form a part of these lessons. Take a look and learn from my mistakes.

Blogs Worth Checking Out

The following blogs are ones that I’ve come across that, in my humble opinion, have some great content. If you haven’t read/heard of/or visited them yet, check them out when you can.

Grabbety Covens: Surviving The Struggle To Success – Go for the poetry, stay for the short, short fiction.

Chris: The Reading Ape – He devours books like bananas and re-blogs a lot of great posts.

Uninspired Writers – Run by M.L Davis, it’s full of all the great stuff needed to inspire the uninspired writer.

Louise Allan – Louise’s Writer’s In The Attic series is chock full of inspiring guest posts, and her debut book, The Sisters’ Song, is out with Allen and Unwin in January 2018.

Milly Schmidt: The Cat’s Write – Full of great posts about persevering, some wonderful short stories, and so many cat gifs!

Jodi Gibson – Jodi covers writing tips, her own personal writing journey, and posts reviews of the books that she reads.

Wit and Travesty – Run by Whitney and Travis, the blog covers their own work, book reviews, and is never short on Star Wars references. They also offer editing services.

The Glorious Outsiders: Chantelle Atkins, Author – She writes, runs a writing group, and is an endless supplier of knowledge and inspiration when it comes to indie publishing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog roundup and discovered some blogs of mine that you may not have read yet, and some new bloggers to follow!

This week I finished editing the four books in my YA supernatural series, so I’m having a well-earned break until the new year. I hope you have a great Christmas, and I look forward to writing new blogs, and reading your blogs, in 2018!

— K.M. Allan

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  1. Wow…I was enjoying your post and the next thing I know…bam! Thank you for the recommendation for my blog. I am truly humbled. Have a Merry Christmas, or the happiest of holidays, and a Happy New Year! I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future!! Thanks again. 😊

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  2. Thank you for the mention! Writers in the Attic has been a huge success—you’ll have to write a post for it when I get it up and going in 2018. Merry Christmas to you and may 2018 be really special for you. 🙂 xx

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