6 Ways To Stop Overwriting Your Stories

There are a few writer-world problems you can have. The muse taking an extended break. Losing a month's worth of progress to backup failure. Realizing the "unique" book idea you've been working on for five years was just published by someone else. Then there's writer-problems you can fix. Learning how to show and not tell,... Continue Reading →

Notes From A Writers Festival

Before 2019, I hadn't attended any writing events. Then in May, I went to the KidLitVic writers conference where I spent a day listening to panels about publishing and agents (read about it here). It was both informative and addictive and I wanted to go to more! Luckily, I didn't have to wait long. The... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Have An Agent And How To Get One

If you've been following my blog for the last few weeks, you'll know I attended the KidLitVic writers conference. There, I gleaned many a tip on the publishing industry, including the following about snagging an agent. Alex Adsett from Alex Adsett Publishing Services and Jacinta Di Mase from Jacinta Di Mase Management provided their expertize... Continue Reading →

Notes From A Writers Conference

As mentioned in last week's blog (Preparing For A Writers Conference: What To Take), I attended a writers conference for the first time! The #KidLitVic2019 event covered writing and publishing for middle grade to YA (my genre), the chance to pitch to agents, and to have publishers assess a part of your completed MS. I... Continue Reading →

4 Reasons To Use Action Beats When Writing

If you're wondering what an action beat is, you're not alone. Not too long ago, I didn't know what it was either. I've since learned it's an action your character is doing while they're talking. Yeah, it's not exactly an earth-shattering revelation and is something you've probably been writing naturally anyway, it's just now you know... Continue Reading →

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